Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I wasn't intending on leaving this blog without a post for so long. I'm getting married to the girl of my dreams.. in 4 days!


chaitee said...

Is this Iain Danvers? Of whippyx livejournal fame? Aha, it's tanya/ tee here. I googled whippyx to try and find out what you were up to these days, whether you've done anything with your fab artwork and so on. You got married? Congratulations!

I shouldn't write any more because it's more than likely that I'm writing to the wrong person, but I hope I'm not. I miss you dude! Are you on facebook or anything? Anyway, hope things are swell. T

sublimal said...

Yeah Iain, get on facebook or twitter so we can stalk you like normal people.

Good to see you at Soundwave. Congratuations again on all the above listed awesome things.

iain said...

OH SHIT actual comments from people. I haven't checked this in ages... as usual I abandoned it out of a mix of self consciousness and laziness. HEY TEE! It is me! And yes I am married! Also, HEY ADAM! You met my wife for the first time at Soundwave! Wackiness. Really didn't expect to see you there but was awesome to see you!

We ended up going to Sydney for the Faith No More sideshow and it was insaaaane.

I should post more crappy drawings.