Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Metroid Lesson

Here is a lesson - Don't keep working on something for ages when it probably doesn't deserve to be worked upon. Is this an improvement over my original 20 minute Metroid? Perhaps. Or maybe not.

Also what happened to the Doctor Who I was working on..


james p brouwer said...

I like it! Add some eyes!!

Boon said...

I agree with James! Also, I think it's better than the last one, yes. Really cool style, totally Iain!

Boon said...

Also wanted to add: Awesome palette, really nice bold choice. Could maybe use some 'punch' in the highlights if you wanted to push it, but it doesn't need it. I'm just being critical because I'm a cock.

iain said...

Hey her eyes were meant to be closed guys!

I will put some 'punch' you in your highlights Boon! After I give you some highlights in your hair. Then I will punch them!!!

But seriously - I probably won't touch this again! HAHA.