Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WIP - Dr Who + MOAR

WIP again of the Doctor Who thing - added stubble back. Added a TARDIS so it makes more sense. Just some details here and there.. I forget what else. Jacket detail.. pants changed a bit.. hair a bit.. needs more work obviously but I'm beginning to actually think about the setting - probably just an empty destroyed city or something sad. Empty Times Square or something stereotypical of big american disaster films.

OTHER PIC - X-Files for the super art shambles. Super quick job that took 2 weeks to gradually send to James - I did a lazy gradient pass to colour stuff and wound up with dark pink faces which I wanted to make different but never managed to improve. Actually looks okay to me now, despite being a lazy mistake.


Rachel said...

hello!! the dr who one is cool but i def prefer the x files one, why didnt you show me that one the other night??

it's like youre hiding the best stuff on purpose....

iain said...

Hahah I hadn't posted it yet! I forgot that the X-Files one had gone up on Shambles too!

I wouldn't say its the BEST stuff geez! Hahah