Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I wasn't intending on leaving this blog without a post for so long. I'm getting married to the girl of my dreams.. in 4 days!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fat Haruhi Cosplayer.

So bored today - stupid drawing inspired by a trip to a local convention recently. There were many people dressed similiarly.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Different Brush.

Trying a different brush. Was using it so it was 50% in one pass, then 100% black on a second pass - interesting having to get suggestion of form with one stroke then use the second one to just define it.

First pic is Naota and Haruko from FLCL.

Second pic is of a (dead?) girl (having a nap!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cat Eyed Boy (Plus NSFW Pin Up Action!)

A quicky - inspired by Kazuo Umezu's awesome manga from the late 60's - Cat Eyed Boy. Currently half way through Vol 2. Bit like Astroboy mixed with Tomie.

Also totally stealing the colour palette used by Viz for the amazing retro sleeve design.

Speaking of Astro Boy. Here's an oldie that i just finished off since it started looking okay to me again and needed to be finished off. Nice and colourful and sunny for a cold rainy day.

Now for something completely different!

Unfinished pinup girl with weird proportions!!!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Metroid Lesson

Here is a lesson - Don't keep working on something for ages when it probably doesn't deserve to be worked upon. Is this an improvement over my original 20 minute Metroid? Perhaps. Or maybe not.

Also what happened to the Doctor Who I was working on..

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lazy Metroid.

I have been really lazy lately.

Super lazy work right here. I felt bad for being so lazy on the Super Art Shambles so I decided to do a really lazy Metroid entry when I saw James had already posted his very nice effort already.

Speaking of lazy - heres another I never bothered to finish.. Misty from Pokemon for the Pokemon week...

I use a lot of pink :/

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WIP - Dr Who + MOAR

WIP again of the Doctor Who thing - added stubble back. Added a TARDIS so it makes more sense. Just some details here and there.. I forget what else. Jacket detail.. pants changed a bit.. hair a bit.. needs more work obviously but I'm beginning to actually think about the setting - probably just an empty destroyed city or something sad. Empty Times Square or something stereotypical of big american disaster films.

OTHER PIC - X-Files for the super art shambles. Super quick job that took 2 weeks to gradually send to James - I did a lazy gradient pass to colour stuff and wound up with dark pink faces which I wanted to make different but never managed to improve. Actually looks okay to me now, despite being a lazy mistake.

Making up for that last one. NSFW BUT...

NSFW BUT CAN YOU DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT? I dont even know how to hide stuff behind a NSFW thingy.

Hopefully you work in a liberal workplace that allows pixels!

I just wanted to make up for that last post looking like Michael Jackson fan art.

WIP - Doctor Who CHOW eh.

WIP so far of my Final Doctor for this weeks Doctor Who CHOW thing. I don't normally do this but eh.

Needs way too much work. Feet probably too toony big for how I've gone and painted it - weird perspective, weird face needs to be flipped and corrected.. costume isn't as fancy as I had imagined ..

The look I was going for was fancy traveling gypsy type doctor - but young. Like teenager gypsy doctor - I feel like the doctor has been getting younger with each version lately so I figure it makes sense to Benjamin Button him and make him even younger for his final version.

Personally I think it'd be awesome if they did a season with a teenage doctor (Doogie Howser) ... Doctor who has really dark stories to wrap up the series in some big apocalyptic way in a serial format rather than the new series format.

But maybe thats just me.

Dude needs more sparkly colour in his scarf - metal embossing on his coat - a suadey patchwork was what i was hoping for. Smaller feet - I like having them dirty like he's been walking a long way.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Ever Non SAS Post... Wow.

For Rachie :)
Mega Girl.

Some little sketches I've done at home on my new pc (using my old graphire2 still.. so difficult to use!) Just little doodles.. I need to do more of this and post more of this instead of just posting SAS posts.

Go Go Gadget

Oh.. Hi. This is the latest for SAS.

Eventually I'll start posting more of my private stuff but mehhhhhh I'm lazy!

AH. What the hell is that? Why when I uploaded my image did THAT happen? I leave this here for posterity.

Monday, January 26, 2009

WIP Astroboy - Iain X Jbro Collab

Oh man. Why am I posting Astroboy again??

This is one of mine from way back when we did Astro on the Super Art Shambles blog - Astroboy all Iron Man robo-bits styled.. only I wasn't feeling it at the time so rather than scrapping it all together I passed it onto James to play with...

After a bit of work I got it back from James looking a bit more polished and pretty, and then I proceeded to shart all over it again with my little detailed robo rubbish, leading to this -

Which is a fair bit more polished and pretty than I normally bother with! It is back in James' hands at the moment but I felt like posting this to prod him into action. Come oooooon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I have not been using my blog.

Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been busy working on some TOP SECRET projects with some friends and I can't really post anything I've done just yet... maybe soon I'll be able to pop some up.

Honestly its not because they're TOP SECRET at all, but because I'm not particularly happy with how its all looking!!!

Its much easier to post my drawings of other peoples characters since I can blame those characters for the crappy drawing, rather than my awful awful ideas and design skills.